but am I completely in control of my own image?

December 2022

This holiday season I explained a Christmas song and convinced family white fish just doesn't work anymore.

November 2022

Twitter, Slack, Discord, LinkedIn and this thing for me
Bay Ridge with Pizza, Cats, Bagels and Cannoli
Recounting my social and anti-social habits of noshing at noon

October 2022

What recipe would you choose to put on your headstone?
Life's Little Pleasure: Petite DessertsListen now (4 min) | Tiramisu and Petite Desserts
That's my life right now!
plus anxiety-inducing decor and bootyful chair design

September 2022

Why can't we just agree to feed children healthy food? And more food photo experiments.
Friday Writing: A Story about Smoke, Fire and Living for the Future