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I was recently introduced to someone by my friend as follows:

“This is it, this is why I invited Lorraine here to help out with some garden choices. She has the head of an engineer and the heart of a gardener.”

I can’t argue too much with that. I like to take the logical approach to problem-solving anything from design choices to planning a meal with minimal effort and maximum results.

I also love nature and color, sensual scents and a dreamy/ethereal aesthetic.

I grew up in New Jersey amid oak trees, chemical plants, highways and pizza. Seattle’s my home now, a place of nature, gray skies, books and coffee.

I’m a writer and language lover; I almost became an English teacher before I was seduced into a tech career by a sprinkling of javascript, a unix prompt and and an open-source software. I love food, sailing, gardening and in general adore funny, odd, intelligent people that wear their heart on their sleeve.


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Lorraine Sawicki

I love food, gardens, design and music.