About Punk Lady Apple

I’m Lorraine, a Seattle-based Food and Garden writer and data visualization designer. I’m putting together thoughts, ideas and entertainment for people that don’t want to follow Martha Stewart or chase the idea of perfection.

This newsletter is for all of you beautiful people that are working hard and learning how to be authentically you in spite of the trends.

I hope my writing leads you to a bit more self-reliance, some interesting tidbits to share with a friend, coworker or your Mom, and a bit more sparkle in your life.

About Lorraine Sawicki

I’m a designer and tech geek that grew up in New Jersey amid oak trees, chemical plants, highways and pizza. Seattle’s my home now, a place of nature, gray skies, books and coffee.

I’m a writer and language lover; I almost became an English teacher before I was seduced into a tech career by a sprinkling of javascript, a unix prompt and and an open-source operating system. I love food, sailing, gardening and in general adore funny, odd, intelligent people that wear their heart on their sleeve.

I’m currently working on a platform for food preferences and dietary restrictions at Rosehip Studio.


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