This really is a provocative topic! Most of my recipes are just too long to be engraved on my tombstone, plus which I think I'll probably be cremated with my ashes spread in the garden or thrown off a cliff. But I think it's the best idea. You either take a photo of the tombstone or a grave rubbing, go home, make up a batch of cookies or whatever, serve with a few other dishes you associate with the person and have a good cry--or laugh. Perfect!🪦

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Oct 27, 2022Liked by Lorraine Sawicki

Oooh, what a fun topic! People in my family definitely have recipes that they’re known for: my paternal grandmother’s macaroni and cheese, my maternal grandmother’s banana pudding, my mom’s yeast rolls or maybe even her Nuts and Bolts (a variation of Chex mix) that she makes every year for the holidays. I don’t know that I have a gravestone recipe yet. Maybe my chocolate chip cookies (I get asked to bring them to a lot of celebrations)?

As far as media, I also lean heavily toward reading articles and newsletters over podcasts and TV. I really, really want to like podcasts, but I have a hard time staying focused on them and not having my mind wander!

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I love all the examples of food your relatives make that you associate with them! I think it's important to write them down to get them just right for future years where you might want to make them again... and I wonder what your chocolate chip recipe is like.

Interesting note about the podcasts. I find that in general so much depends on guests if it's an interview-style podcast and I myself drift off unless there's a really good story involved.

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